Power electronics Handbook [Muhammad H. Rashid] (كتاب)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
باوراليكترونيكس ..Power electronics [Muhammad H. Rashid] Handbook 

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Power Diode
Chapter 3 Power Bipolar Transistors
Chapter 4 The Power MOSFET
Chapter 5 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
Chapter 6 Thyristors
Chapter 7 Gate Turn-off Thyristors
Chapter 8 MOS Controlled Thyristors (MCTs)eng-world.com
Chapter 9 Static Induction Devices
Chapter 10 Diode Rectifiers
Chapter 11 Single-phase Controlled Rectifiers
Chapter 12 Three-phase Controlled Rectifiers
Chapter 13 DC–DC Converters
Chapter 14 DC/DC Conversion Technique and Twelve Series Luo-converters
Chapter 15 Inverters
Chapter 16 Resonant and Soft-switching Converters
Chapter 17 Multilevel Power Converters
Chapter 18 AC–AC Converters
Chapter 19 Power Factor Correction Circuits
Chapter 20 Gate Drive Circuitry for Power Converters
Chapter 21 Power Electronics in Capacitor Charging Applications
Chapter 22 Electronic Ballasts
Chapter 23 Power Supplies
Chapter 24 Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Chapter 25 Automotive Applications of Power Electronics
Chapter 26 Solar Power Conversion
Chapter 27 Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Sources
Chapter 28 Fuel-cell Power Electronics for Distributed Generation
Chapter 29 Wind Turbine Applications
Chapter 30 HVDC Transmission
Chapter 31 Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Chapter 32 Drives Types and Specifications
Chapter 33 Motor Drives
Chapter 34 Control Methods for Switching Power Converters
Chapter 35 Fuzzy Logic in Electric Drives
Chapter 36 Artificial Neural Network Applications in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Chapter 37 DSP-based Control of Variable Speed Drives
Chapter 38 Power Quality
Chapter 39 Active Filters
Chapter 40 EMI Effects of Power Converters
Chapter 41 Computer Simulation of Power Electronics and Motor Drives 
Chapter 42 Packaging and Smart Power Systems

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